Assessing Sexual Behaviours in Children – Update


I posted a while back about the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault traffic light system for assessing children’s sexual behaviours. While this is a great resource, I recently discovered that the marvellous Brook charity has produced something similar but much better and more user friendly and accessible, its Traffic Light Tool. Brook’s website includes lots of information about the topic as well as guidance on how to use it. It also includes a kind of quiz with examples of the kind of situations that are witnessed by / reported to professionals working with children and young people which can be used as training exercises. Factsheets on all topics are easily printed in PDF format. This really is an excellent resource. 

Besides this tool, Brook (the UK’s largest young people’s sexual health charity) is an excellent organisation, whose resources are typically high quality, user friendly and evidence based. Their website is worth a check out. 


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